Too Many Daves

David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher merged together
For the love of Christ no.

Sadly I’m not referring to the Dr Seuss masterpiece, rather the alarming fact that in the last election the Tories had 17 MPs elected named Dave. Exactly the same as the number of women it had sent to the House.

I re-read this information recently having previously heard the statistic and blanked it out of my memory for the sake of my own sanity.  The thing is that the Conservatives aren’t the only party in town where blokes named Dave outnumber women, there are loads of them, in fact I’ve been to those parties and I can tell you that they are best avoided.

There are lots of heated arguments going on the stairs and in the kitchen- despite the fact that everyone comes from exactly the same background and thinks essentially the same thing- there’s never enough beer, no one is dancing and there’s a reason the lights are low. This metaphor passed the over-stretched stage some time ago, so what the hell: Attending such parties are forgivable when you are young, naïve and there’s nowhere else to go, but eventually you have to take responsibility for the fact that it’s not their fault you are having a crap night. That’s democracy for you. I know we have a coalition, but the Lib Dems don’t exactly boost the numbers. There are 57 Lib Dem MPs. 7 of whom are women while 3 are blokes called Dave.

All this is both embarrassing and deeply worrying. Maybe you don’t think that a gender balance is important in deciding the group we chose to represent us in parliament, but think back to that party. Would you trust too many Daves with your county, your livelihood, your future? Hell would you even trust them to look after your coat while you go for a piss?


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