Men of CBeebies: A call to action.

CBeebies logo

Ever since the brilliant Higgledy House ended on CBeebies, I’ve often thought it would be good to see more of the talented elf Sarah Jane Honeywell, however the pictures which appeared in The Sun this week, weren’t exactly what I meant.

This leads to a bit of a dilemma. Some argue that people in the public eye, particularly those who present children’s programmes, have some responsibility as a role models, in which case what example has Tinkerbelle look-alike Ms Honeywell set to the young girls watching Tikkabilla or Mighty Mites?

Well none really, given that six-year-olds tend not to read The Sun (actually does anyone read it?). However I won’t be letting logic or reason cloud my self-righteous campaign to right the damaged caused by Honeywell’s pixie porn.

In order to prevent young girls from thinking they are destined by their gender to become sloppy eaters in the presence of glamour photographers , I’m calling for the men of CBeebies to redress the balance.

Come on Andy, Sid and Alex, get ’em off for the sake of toddler gender equality. Do it for the kids. I assure you mums around the country will thank you.


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