My foot hurts

I dropped one of my sister’s stupid kitchen chairs on my foot and scraped an inch of skin off. Her mate also fell off one of the stupid chairs that night. We were both pissed, but I still think it was the stupid chairs which were at fault.

It’s odd how I’d rather claim to be clumsy/stupid/tactless, than just confess I was drunk. I must like pretending that I am impervious to the effects of alcohol like some kind of superpower or soberpower.

succumbing to the effects of chemicals is hardly a weakness. In fact it really absolves me from blame or responsibility. Really, I should use it as an excuse more often. Dropped the laptop? Insulted the mother-in-law? Late for picking the kids up from school? Sorry I was pissed.

Yeah, I think I’m going to give it a go, see how it works out.


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