What’s in a name?

Not sure the wordpress logo wasn’t already taken by Waterstones.

There are many things I struggle within the realm of blogging:

-Making sure I post regularly, but also trying not to post any old crap just so that I’m posting something.

-Hitting the delicate balance between ‘That’s so funny I do that too’ and ‘Oh My God that’s weird and disgusting, I’m contacting the police’.

-Making sure I heavily disguise anything I’ve stolen.

-Ensuring that I don’t post anything when angry or drunk regardless of how much it may hinder my chances of posting anything at all that month.

-Coming up with a picture to illustrate my post which isn’t totally irrelevant but won’t get me sued.

-Remembering to write about people I know because people I know is my main demographic, but at the same time not writing too much about people I know because people I know know where I live.

-Not resorting to lazy blog-lists instead of actually writing something coherent.

But the absolute number one blog nightmare for me has to be….

Naming the damn thing.

When I started this blog, it was really to create a place I could refer potential employers if they wanted a quick peek of past articles I had written, so I called it Jenny Laville. Job done, move on.

A bit later on though when I thought it might be a good idea to try and actively get my blog out there I noticed that there are very few blogs named after their authors. Instead you get a) superhero style pseudonyms, b) random made up/unconnected words c) thoughts of…./ notes on…/tales from…etc. Suddenly having a blog named after yourself seemed a bit stand-offish, maybe even arrogant bordering on twatty.

My blog name had to be something memorable, representative of me, able to encompass a variety of subjects and crucially, available free on wordpress.

Here are some of my initial ideas.

Fatrascal.com – Funny- cute- Yorkshire- like it. Damnit it’s taken

Tiredandemotional – Not bad – memorable – represents me pretty well I think. Damnit it’s taken

Tired&emotional – Damnit it’s taken

Threehundredandsixtyfive – The hook being I’ll do a post a day, everyday for a year, high concept, Like it. Damnit it’s taken

Threehundredandsixtyfivedays – Oh, come on.

Yorkshirelass – not so great but what the hell. Bloody taken

Jiggered – taken

Dazed – taken

Dazedandamused – taken

Then I began to try putting random phrases together to see if I could score a hit. Bit like looking for googlewhacks.

Greenhorse – taken

Angryhamster – taken

Doorajar – taken

Hiddenwardrobe – taken

Cryingbear – taken

I’ll stop now as I’m sure you get the point, although I can tell you that at the time of writing houseofcustard and dickyknee are available.

My growing sense of indignation overweighing my usual laziness, I actually checked and out of all these taken blog names only two were current blogs. Another hadn’t posted for over a year and a fourth not for four years. The remaining blogs were totally unused. The only point of their existence was to prevent me from using their name. I really liked fat rascal too.

So I decided to stick with jennylaville if only to avoid having to get both the people who subscribe to my blog to update the address, in case they didn’t.

However I have now decided to start a new blog, which will focus on by burgeoning preoccupation with all things horti and indeed agri, cultural. Thereby keeping the focus of my main blog on the trivial daily dilemmas of a chronically indecisive parent (that’s me) with the occasional spin-off adventures of The Tactless Wonder (me again).

However if you do fancy learning about my struggles with broody chickens and neglected allotments or you want to look at some pictures of weeds then Ladies and Gentlemen, please make your way to http://tinyfarmer.wordpress.com/ because yes, I found a name.

It was the first one I thought of and by some glorious miracle it was available which I took as a sign that it was meant to be and not that it was such a stupid name nobody else wanted it.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Thanks. It would seem all my ideas are obvious too. I like thegreenstudy though. That’s where you’re writing from afterall. I’m going to follow your example and see if reallymessybedroom or grosslyinsanitarykitchen are taken.

  2. I was lucky with Flossing the Cat as a blog name (although it was taken as a pseudonym on mumsnet, which is v. irritating.) My main problem is that people now think I spend all day tending to my ladygarden. Shocking.

    1. Oh no I just had to google flossing the cat euphemism because I didn’t know what it meant. Does that make me really old? It does, doesn’t it?
      I just thought flossing the cat was a random phrase you’d invented, It would still have been a brillant name for a blog, but now it has levels. That’s what I need. Levels.

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