Signs I’m getting old.

Bulldog Clip
This is the laziest picture I’ve ever put on a post.


I get the sense people have started ‘humouring’ me.



I sometimes walk into a room and forget why I’ve gone in there, even when that room is the bathroom.


I’ve just used hand cream.



I’ve gone from thinking that politicians are bastards to
thinking they should die for their crimes.



I used to not wear make-up because didn’t have time, now I
don’t see the point. This is also true of hair removal, getting dressed and being sober.



Yesterday I got really, really, really angry about a
newspaper article.



I calmed my rage by repotting seedlings.



My ‘going out shoes’ have been overtaken by my slippers



My slippers collection has been over taken by my ‘empty jars
that may come in handy’ box.



My ‘empty jars that may come in handy’ box has been over
taken by crippling anxiety when asked a direct question by a stranger.



Sometimes I think I’ll go out for a walk because it’s a nice



But then I don’t because my knee hurts a bit.



I don’t wax anymore because ‘making the skin taught’ requires clamping devices and now I don’t have any bulldog clips to use for work.


I used to worry that the kids would wet themselves while we were out. Now I worry I will.



Most of the time when I’m talking to people I am mentally creating a new cheese/biscuit based snack. As I write this, I’m coming up with advertising slogans. Actually this might not have anything to do with getting old. Because people of all ages love the cheesy sweet crunch of a Rich-Brie!©

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